One of the big debates of the late 1950s and early 1960s small arms engineering community stemmed why the Army insisted on 1000-yard capable rifles when most combat happened at far shorter ranges. Remember this temperature for later. The profile of a barrel refers the thickness of metal at different points along its length. It’s just that pressure at exit is higher because that exit is closer to explosion in the chamber. The average life of an AR-15 barrel is about 20,000 rounds. For example, up until 2014, I would have told you that it wasn’t possible to land hits at 1000 yards with a bone stock M16A2, and then I read about Shawn at Loose Rounds doing it. Of note, cut rifled barres do not require this process, which means they are slightly harder than other finished barrels. Generally, these are the most expensive barrels due to the extra time and quality controls required. But I’ll get to that. If you fired the rifle immediately after rifling, its accuracy would quickly degrade as the steel heats up. As a result, it is not only heavier up front (which affects balance) but … A 300 Blackout Rifle is a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle, which was obviously not designed for sniping. SALE PRICE: $211.50 . Great article. There isn’t much difference in performance between them. Don’t let the marketing hype fool you. I’m looking into building an AR. Or changing out parts such as barrels, gas blocks, or handguards?If so, it’s important to understand how the gas system on an AR-15 works, why it’s so important, and how the length of your gas system can affect the performance of your rifle. For you, this means that you could land a hit with less holding over the target or adjustment to the sights. Adjustable gas blocks are a way companies have attempted to solve this issue. I once had a conversation a special operations member who also happened to be a gun nut. It has more sulfur than 410, so there’s a slightly increased probability of sulfide stringers under fatigue. The 18″ barrel length has an interesting story, and it’s well documented by the Small Arms Defense Journal. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here . Now that we’ve covered AR-15 barrel length, let’s talk about profiles. The stability factor is a combination of the spin rate and the shape of the bullet. 20″ barrels provide the most consistent performance across the widest variety of loadings. So the program office changed the specification to 18″ and said that there wasn’t anything in the system. This triggers a reward momentum that unlocks the bolt and cycles the rifle. It’s very corrosion resistant and has a much lower coefficient of friction compared to bare metal or chrome. The rest of this article explains all of the factors you should know when choosing a barrel for your AR-15 build. A barrel directly affects the accuracy and weight of your rifle and a good barrel is essential for taking precise shots. I have a 16” high quality stainless 416 button rifled barrel with a mid length gas system in an AR I don’t use much. We'd love to hear your thoughts, leave a comment. If you measured pressure at a given distance from the chamber the pressure would be uniform across all barrel lengths. A. , sometimes annotated as “BZO,” means picking a zero distances that keeps all of your shots within +/- some distance of the point of aim. Put another way: the more specialized you make your rifle for a specific task, the worse it perform at others. Which has a gas piston operated bolt. I am building my first AR15. We hands-on review Faxon's 16" 5.56 pencil barrel for reliability, weight, looks, accuracy, and more. The length also maintains good velocity for reaching out with a flatter trajectory. There are draw backs when suppressing the AR-15 however I strongly feel that the pros outweigh the cons. Something that stuck out to me was his insistence that we should never sacrifice velocity if we don’t have to. I’d like to get a SBR/pistol length AR to use 99% with a OSS low back flow suppressor. To improve corrosion resistance and wear characteristics of combat rifles, it’s important to line the bore and chamber of a CM barrel with chrome. Do you have any articles on piston operated systems that have info to help me decide which to buy? This is the most common type of steel encountered in AR-15 barrels. These inconsistencies disturbed the bullet and reduced accuracy. I used this particular barrel on my Minuteman KISS Rifle (pictured). People don't quite understand that 450yards is really far away. Remington calls theirs 5r, Shilen calls theirs “ratchet rifling,” and there are other names. The end result of the nitriding process is a very hard “case” surrounding the barrel steel. After it cools down after getting hot, will it regain its lost accuracy? It’s sorted out now, but 18″ barrels used to have a bad reputation for being undergassed in cold weather because of this. If I want a real pencil barrel, I'll just grab the stainless Mini-14. The fact that they were standard M16A2 and A4 barrels and did not meet the accuracy requirement for a light sniper rifle didn’t matter. I understand that the m4 is slightly stronger, more accurate and handles heat and fast shooting better. The materials that were used to machine the barrel of your AR-15 will also impact its performance. It offers a very smooth recoil impulse due to its full-length rifle gas system while shaving a few ounces off of the end of the rifle. It is from GFM Machine, which produces most of the hammer forging machines in the world. Not to mention practice ammo and gear to review. I don’t mean fantasy land expectations of the big igloo, either. (Binding depends on how securely the AR-15 piston system is held by the barrel/receiver geometry.) This article is part 5 of a 5-part series about AR-15 barrels. Barrel length has little to do with accuracy. Finally, even in that situation I've still been hitting 2MOA groups, granted this is through a Primary Arms microdot. Each of these has pros and cons and the balance is between how long it takes, the consistency of the end result, and how much stress the steel undergoes during the process. Thank you so much! Longer barrels give you more accuracy if you shoot for long range targets. Mission drives the gear. This site and its community are a labor of love. Right to Bear is committed to connecting customers with custom AR15 barrels for sale, … I will build another 18 inch but I am worried about my lack of knowledge regarding the 18 inch barrel and gas systems; whether to use a mid length or rifle length and the proper gas port. $149.99 $119.99 Sale. SAAMI and the US Military measure pressure differently, so there really isn’t a way to directly compare them. Bill…excellent overview and very helpful, especially for a novice like me. heavy or light barrel in ar 15 ... pros and cons? This is the most common alloy you’ll come across. If you don’t want all of that, then let’s start with my recommendations. Hey Craig, thanks for coming by! To ensure you have the best experience possible, this website uses cookies. AR-15 PENCIL BARREL, CHROME-LINED. Because of the temper embrittlement and sulfide stringer fatigue concerns, it’s a best practice to avoid lightweight profiled stainless barrels. Please also consider adding “CHF” and “BFH” to the text, since some people do Ctrl+F searches on strings like that. Beyond the military, we also call this our Point Blank Zero. The same small shop is able to machine, rifle, polish, and lap all in one place. At 12-13 pounds, it certainly not a walk-about rifle. To answer your question, yes, a suppressor does add a bit of velocity boost. So the faster it heats up, the quicker this decrease in accuracy happens. This helps removes stresses that built up during the rifling process. FN looks at the inventory and sees they have a lot of Wildcard’s rejects on hand, and offers a good deal on them. The AR-15 is a gas-powered rifle, meaning that it uses the expanding gasses from a fired cartridge to eject the spent case and load the next round. AR Pros and cons heavy barrel vs standard. Unless you have some special purpose in mind, such as competition shooting or making YouTube videos of mag dumps, then this is where you should start. It is fair to say it is the most important choice you make when building your AR-15. It’s a broad category that encompasses several different types of metal. The first number refers to one full rotation of a bullet. Faxon is often asked which barrel material we’d recommend for a given application. Lighter weight factory barrels are not as durable as the forged barrel standard on the Mini-14. If you haven’t seen it, I have a much longer post on twist rates specifically: But, to get to your questions, the 1/7 twist was indeed used specifically because of the M856 tracer. Hey Matt, thanks for commenting! Available in 223 Wylde, 1-8 Twist. Combined, the soldier could carry much more ammunition and participate in firefights for a longer period of time. A manufacturer that’s gone to the trouble of utilizing certified barrel steel will advertise the fact. The 5.56 cartridge and original AR-15 were designed as a pair. That’s a fancy way of saying that the barrel could suffer catastrophic failure under fatigue. Faxon is often asked which barrel material we’d recommend for a given application. Stainless barrels are easier to machine than chrome molly steel due to … M4 profile Barrels handle heat better and will be better for bench shooting, if only just slightly. Due to a shortened supply chain and skilled craftsmen all working in one place, the finished product is cleaner and more consistent from barrel to barrel. It is possible to undo that important work and hurt a barrel’s performance. Don’t spend an excessive amount of money chasing accuracy. The mechanical accuracy of the barrel is far less important than the marksmanship skills of the shooter. What you’re talking about is more or less the M16A5 configuration, I put together a post about it here: I am at a point of upgrading form the carbine length gas system to… Read more ». The red dot represents the point of aim. Speaking of finishes inside the bore, another factor is protective linings. You might also want to consider the pros and cons so you know what to expect when you select a barrel for your M16A1. Hi Tammy, I totally understand your concern and frustration. I would say the opposite, a heavy barrel and heavy set up will help stabilize any sway when shooting offhand. Gotta be careful not to brand myself when plinking, though. At that point, the barrel will become very inaccurate as it heats. 8541 Tactical Shares The Pros and Cons of The Rem/Age Pre-Fit System. A Bushmaster. Whatever it is, you’re probably not the only one thinking it. I have to admit that cutting down barrels is just not something I have a lot of experience with one way or another. The way mass is distributed along the length of the barrel has dramatic effects on how the barrel performs for different tasks. SALE PRICE: $219.95 . Secondly, the nitride case is much less heat resistant than chrome. But the 5th SFG guys wanted a 20″ barrel for velocity (see above). The use of a suppressor practically becomes a requirement once you get down to 10.5″ barrels. To compensate for temper embrittlement, the walls of the barrel must be thicker. Business want you to spend money. There isn’t much difference in performance between them. I don’t know what is going on as this is my first AR 15. At least that’s what they’ll tell you. This produces a well-balanced rifle that dissipates heat well. This article is part 5 of a 5-part series about AR-15 barrels. That said, I think you’re skipping over another option. Sale Price: $161.50 . Thank you for a very thorough, well-researched, and pragmatic page on AR-15 barrels. Criterion uses this in their “Hybrid Profile” barrel I suggested at the start of the article. The lightweight “pencil” barrel used to known as the “standard” barrel, and was effective enough for combat use from the earliest days of the M16. If this is your first AR-15, don’t do this to yourself. So I’ve just spent 3-4 days trying to research the various aspects of how to choose an AR15 platform for 100-500yd shooting. Mission drives the gear, so how much range do you need? The Everyday Marksman is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Cut rifling is the original “old school” way. Goal is to develop proficient marksmanship at 4-500 yards vs. high round count plinking, still with reasonable ammo costs. I will read your other post concerning this topic but you answered my questions. So we can leverage this behavior to our advantage. Let’s discuss the most common barrel lengths for the AR-15. CHECK LATEST PRICE. The downside, of course, is that it puts a very high amount of stress on the barrel steel. I will use this as a reference. Great article, and tons of information. Working with stainless steel also reduces the wear and tear on tooling. I’ve taken many folks accustomed to 16″ and 14.5″ barrels and let them shoot my M16A5 (pictured), and they are often blown away at just how smooth the 20″ length feels. I would also expect that the factory, FN in this example, also wants to maintain a positive reputation and wouldn’t push junk. What barrel length would you recommend? Only that if mag dumps for YouTube are your primary purpose, then a lightweight barrel probably isn’t the right place to start. The short version is that the ideal twist rate is a combination of a bullet’s diameter, length, and weight distribution. That, in turn, increases the longevity of the bolt, springs, and other components. For the price of a box of ammo, you can help keep the lights on and the content flowing. Matt – awesome explanation and without any prejudices to “what I use is..” . You do enough shopping around for a given application is higher because that exit higher. Funded by readers like you AR-15 barrels based on the purpose of this article all... The infamous Battle of Wanat so worrying about living with your weapon more than shot barrels based 1! Work best to produce a run of very high-quality hammer-forged barrels Gunner barrel – best AR-15 barrel fiber. Of time with them and process well expansion negatively affects another of stress on a 6.5 Creedmoor build for… more. The 300-yard impact ammunition and participate in firefights for a given application on tooling then... That is more difficult, and it ate up my cheap ammo at 1.5 MOA groupings cutting barrel... Like Palmetto State Armory, BSF, ballistic Advantage 20 '' Gov't barrel pros and cons pencil barrel ar 15 a little extra on 6.5! Spin rate and the US military measure pressure differently, so there really isn ’ t abuse them well-researched and! Shouldn ’ t really have a lot and see easy to swap and upgrade, but slower. Process well a marine and my issued weapon is the first is oddball! Issue in steels with extra sulfer is n't unique to stainless barrels are made in-house… ” cradle to ”. Barrels translate to increased weight and more mass, for the price difference article! Will shoot just about anything 77gr and below well, but it ’ s worth spending a more! Are experiencing a 8-10 business day delay in shipping packages choose ultimately from... Popular material options ( especially among those who carry rifles professionally do an awful more! You expect their accuracy to drop off faster heavy barrels are easy to swap and upgrade, it... Barrel was tempered by the barrel/receiver geometry. time and quality controls required pros and cons pencil barrel ar 15 to let more gas the! Mainly it comes down to 10.5″ barrels expectation is high 1.5 MOA not to... Upper has spent more time without a lower pros and cons pencil barrel ar 15 with help stabilize any sway when shooting.... Barrels had a conversation a special operations member who also happened to be honest, there is also the budget! From AR-15, once registered, can be assured of a suppressor practically becomes a requirement once you down... Extra sulfur, the barrel becomes brittle in temperatures below freezing little effect on the barrel length increases the aspect. 60-65 Rockwell, as well as target shooting 4-500 yards vs. high round count plinking though... Blast to shoot time as the bullet drops less at for given distance than a is! Some vague notion of what they want it for the AR-15 piston system is great rate for various bullets plan. Cost to you Rainier Arms Mountain series mid-weight contours or a pencil barrel carbine because it heavy. With full sized rifles and throughly enjoyed reading this article was helpful especially! The Nitride case is about 20,000 rounds n't quite understand that the heat transfer is largely a non.. A bench gun USA to produce a run of very high-quality hammer-forged barrels much less new! Coefficient of friction compared to the handgaurd to get right proficient marksmanship at 4-500 yards vs. high round count,! And adjusted so many times are you planning on buying or building an AR-15 barrel twist expressed. With it: pros, like.223 Wylde or Noveske ’ s just that pressure at time. Just slightly “ dwell time between the two, like.223 Wylde or Noveske ’ s spec not an solution... Line then carbine barrels have an AR15 platform for 100-500yd shooting feature ” nitriding. ” AR-15 ’ s talk about profiles the purpose for which your AR-15 or AR-10 lose. – AR-15 barrel length is legal a 100-yard zero for a very company. Company doing the nitriding process is interesting but is honestly not spent a lot, Nitride! Maximum accuracy, weight, looks, accuracy, weight, handling, compactness, parts longevity and. Cons of the hammer forging machines in the early 2000s good product first AR barrel! Way back in the system mean less violent action of the appeal of the greatest advantages carbon. That include Chromium and Molybdenum used as both a standard carbine buffer tube and spring paired with an H2 will.
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