What is Good PR?

More than what your company looks and sounds like, think about what it is that you *do*: Not in a grand, vague sense of mission statements and bulletpoints.

Rather, how do your actions affect the general public? Your clients? Your co-workers and employees?

What is your day-to-day impact on society?

In this world of oil-spill PR, talking-head soundbites, and the like, it’s frustrating to see companies so concerned about *image* alone… When truthfully they (we) should simply focus on the work at hand.

An ungenuine or insincere message (especially one that is a forced, hollow attempt to *look and sound* genuine and sincere) is worse than not even trying.

The general public will figure it all out, and there’s a good chance co-workers and employees probably already know it.

The best mode of PR in today’s world of non-stop, bare-bones social media?

Be genuine.

Listen intently to your customers and employees, and react appropriately.

Odds are they’ll respond to your sincerity in a very positive way.

And so will your image.






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